IBM Debug for z/OS offers debugging and code coverage for z/OS applications written in COBOL, PL/I, C/C++ and Assembler with extensive support for legacy applications. It is powered by IBM’s next generation debug technology, the IBM z/OS Debugger, a full source-level debugger which supports debugging of 64-bit applications as well as optimized programs. IBM Debug for z/OS provides a 3270 user interface and a remote graphical user interface through integration with IBM Developer for z/OS and z/OS Explorer Aqua

IBM Debug for z/OS is a stand-alone debug product that includes the z/OS Debugger, the next iteration of IBM debug technology on z Systems that consolidates the IBM Integrated Debugger and IBM Debug Tool engines into one unified technology.

The IBM z/OS Debugger is also included with the following products:

Details on which features are included in which product can be found on this page.


Deep and wide z/OS environment support

Deep subsystem support including environments such as Batch, CICS, IMS, DB2, z/OS Unix and TSO. With day one and legacy currency with hardware, compilers, z/OS, CICS, IMS, DB2 and batch.

Extends IBM Developer for z/OS for an enhanced debug experience

Visual debug provides a graphical view of program execution flow, including the current execution path, plus features like setting breakpoints from the source editor

Code Coverage

Tracks tested lines of code to improve application quality

Data at your fingertips

Monitor variables, registers, memory, and expressions

Source level debugging

Set breakpoints at statements, programs, and conditions, run until a breakpoint is reached, view and change the values of variables and storage, and much more.


IBM z/OS Debugger V14.1

IBM z/OS Debugger V14.0

The following blog outlines license and installation steps for installing IBM Debug for z/OS.

In v14.0.0.4, iFix 1, available since April 28, 2017, additional branding for IBM Debug for z/OS was included to assist users in differentiating between IBM Debug for z/OS installations and IBM Developer for z/OS installations. You can view additional details on this here.


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