The IMS™ Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development (IMS Explorer for Development, also known as IMS Explorer) is an Eclipse-based graphical tool that simplifies common IMS tasks related to IMS application development, IMS database and program view definition, and the administration and testing of IMS mobile services.

IMS Explorer is a component of IMS Enterprise Suite. IMS Enterprise Suite components are available to IMS customers at no additional cost.

Application programming and database definition support

IMS Explorer includes graphical editors that you can use to import, visualize, and edit all types of IMS database definitions, including secondary indexes and logical relationships, as well as the program view and schema definitions that application programs need to access IMS databases.

You can also access and manipulate the data stored in IMS databases with IMS Explorer by using standard SQL. The IMS Explorer supports all IMS database types, and also supports secondary indexes and logical relationships.

IMS mobile services support

You can create, publish, test, and manage IMS mobile services running on z/OS Connect EE V2 by using IMS Explorer.

IMS Explorer provides the tooling to define the connection properties and interaction properties for invoking an IMS transaction. You can also use the tool to generate the metadata for the input and output messages of a transaction from the COBOL copybook or PL/I structure of the IMS application. Finally, you can tie these properties and metadata together into a RESTful service definition, enabling the IMS transaction to be invoked by using a RESTful service interface.

Cross-product integration and platform support

IMS Explorer runs on Windows systems and supports cross-product integration (shell-sharing) with the following products:

  • IBM® Rational® Developer for z Systems
  • IBM Data Studio
  • IBM Problem Determination Tools Plug-ins for Eclipse
  • IBM Explorer for z/OS®
  • IBM CICS Explorer® Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • IBM Rational Team Concert™
IMS Explorer

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Resources and Support

IMS and CICS Exploring zos together: Blog by Joe Winchester describing synergy between IMS and CICS Explorer backed by z Explorer.