IBM MQ enables your messaging backbone to be remotely configured from MQ Explorer. This graphical tool enables you to explore and configure all MQ objects and resources, including Java Message Service (JMS), and publish and subscribe.

MQ Explorer

Remote configuration

MQ Explorer runs on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® (x86 and x86_64) machines. It can remotely connect to queue managers running on any supported platform including System z — enabling your entire messaging backbone to be viewed, explored and altered from a single tool.

Eclipse-based and extensible

MQ Explorer is built on open-source Eclipse technology. The Eclipse framework is common across other IBM software products, so that MQ Explorer can be combined with the tools of other products to provide a single integrated user interface.

As it is based on Eclipse technology, MQ Explorer is highly customizable and fully extensible. You can add new tools as plug-ins to MQ Explorer to provide new features. Documentation and examples are provided so that IBM Business Partners and users can join IBM in augmenting its capabilities.