IBM CICS Transaction Gateway enables simple and rapid mobile integration of your enterprise CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) family or TXSeries environment. You can build on your existing, proven architecture to quickly provide mobile connectivity to back-end systems by using JavaScript™ Object Notation (JSON) web services.

Mobile enablement with CICS TG V9.2 is compatible with z/OS Connect, and can be achieved alongside traditional CICS TG workloads without modification to existing environments. This minimizes both risk and cost, while it retains the benefits of the proven, high availability and scalability of CICS TG.

The CICS TG plug-in for CICS Explorer is updated to support CICS Explorer V5.3, z/OS Explorer V3.0, and provide new data points available with CICS TG V9.2.


CICS TG V9.2 supports the latest release of CICS Explorer, which is enhanced to provide:

  • Support for CICSPlex® SM WLM.
  • Improvements in support for modification of associated CICSPlex SM workload definitions, using a new sophisticated editor.
  • Intuitive access to information about the state of running workloads.

A CICS TG plug-in for CICS Explorer is available separately at no extra charge.