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Capture the attention of both business and technical audiences, here to learn, try, and buy through the IBM Marketplace.

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IBM web pages attract 25+ million visitors a month. Access the IBM press release template and other assets for promoting your offering.

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Empower customers to learn through options for videos, trials, and live advisors, and purchase fast through referrals or IBM billing.

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You want to get in front of your customers, and we offer a streamlined process to get you there. In our focus on improving the provider experience, we continuously upgrade our platform, so check back regularly for new changes. Coming soon is IBM billing, where you can enjoy access to a full-featured commerce platform and dashboard, without the overhead and infrastructure requirements.

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An IBMid is all you need to start. Registering gets you access to the Provider Workbench tool where you can create and manage your listing.



Compose your listing by writing and uploading assets in the Provider Workbench. IBM experts are available to help you create the most effective story.



Select your configuration options. The IBM Marketplace offers a range of models and the ability to include multiple editions and add-ons.



When your product goes live, that’s just the beginning. IBM’s partner and developer programs offer additional benefits.

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Listing Types

Directory Referral Listing Full Integration Listing
(IBM Billing, coming soon)
Publishing platform for your listing content, case studies, assets, and resources check check
Offering categories for increased visibility to targeted buyers check check
Self-service editing for collaborative team management check check
The power of the IBM marketing machine for reach and impact check check
Lead generation to your own site check
Dashboard to monitor individual customer usage, billing and invoicing, and revenue check
IBM Promotion for offering events, advertising, and webinars check
IBM handling of billing and payments check
Fees Free through 2017 Revenue share

Benefit from global exposure and an extensive developer community.

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