In this instructors led lab, IBM business partners will learn how to integrate a product with the IBM Cloud partner marketplace using the development platform and tooling.

You will have hands-on experience working with the following lab exercises:

  • Ex. 1: Setup your marketplace service
  • Ex. 2: Implement and deploy end points for a mock service
  • Ex. 3: Integrate with a SaaS type service
  • Ex. 4: Demo. Deploy a SoftLayer image from marketplace

This lab does not require elaborate technical skills, a basic knowledge of Linux and Eclipse for Java web application development would be helpful to do lab exercises.

If you are attending the InterConnect 2015 conference, sign up for this lab session early before the seat is gone. Meet us at the conference Solution Center in the IBM Cloud Marketplace pedestal to learn more about the partner marketplace and how to integrate your products and services with the marketplace.


How do Business Partners participate in IBM Cloud marketplace?

  1. Apply to Become a Business Partner

Complete and submit the nomination form to be considered for partnership in the IBM Cloud marketplace.


  1. Qualify for the IBM Cloud marketplace

We will review your form and reply as quickly as possible to discuss your service and next steps. Some replies take up to two weeks, depending on your service. To qualify for premium programs (e.g. Bluemix), services must meet additional criteria.


  1. Accept the terms and conditions

Once you are invited to include your service, you will need to a) register for marketplace and b) accept the IBM Cloud Marketplace Business Partner terms:


  1. Integrate your service to marketplace

Within 90 days of signing the IBM Cloud Marketplace Business Partner agreement, you must integrate your service to the IBM Cloud marketplace APIs. Services designed for Bluemix must support an additional call.

Details in the Business Partner Guide here:

Service orchestration documentation package (password provided upon commercial agreement signing):


  1. Qualify for integration to premium options (e.g. Bluemix) – Can be in parallel with above

Prospective Bluemix, PureApplication Service on SoftLayer, or HPC Analytics services must meet certain additional criteria.


  1. Promote and merchandise your offering