Here is an overview of the Service Integration and Orchestration for Vendor Onboarding 2015-06-17.
You can use the “standard service controller framework for IBM Cloud marketplace” with sample code to accelerate your service integration and manage SoftLayer resources.

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Quick Start – Create Mock Service
Quick Start – Integrate your SaaS
Quick Start – Provisioning image on SL end-user account
Quick Start – Provisioning image on SL ISV account
Quick Start – Provisioning image using the Service Controller Configuration Tool
– Additional Product Settings
– Communication Channel’s Guide
– Configuration and Development environment’s Guide
– KeyStore Guide
– Metered Usage from VM and BM’s Guide
– Migration’s Guide
– Release Notes
– The SoftLayer topology file
– Toolings’s Guide
– Troubleshooting Guide
Review the “Migration’s guide” document before deploying a new version of the service controller.
Controller 2.0.25 distribution

Add an image to the marketplace using the service controller configuration tool.

Service Integration overview
How to set up and install the controller
Integrate your own service with the Service Controller Framework
Integrate your own service using the Service Controller to deploy VM on SoftLayer
Provision service with the end-user SoftLayer Credentials
Provision service with end user SoftLayer Credentials via Wizard
Feed the marketplace with usage using the service controller
Deploy Service that requires Bare Metal machine using the service controller
IBM Cloud marketplace SoftLayer Topology Editor Demo

If you are interested in the native marketplace API and Bluemix Cloud Foundry extension API, refer to the table in the overview documentation for links.

If you have any questions, go to the IBM Cloud marketplace forum and use either the Marketplace-Business-Provider, Marketplace-Business-Partner, or Marketplace-services tag.

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