InterConnect Lab – Add Your Product to Marketplace

  In this instructors led lab, IBM business partners will learn how to integrate a product with the IBM Cloud partner marketplace using the development platform and tooling. You will have hands-on experience working with the following lab exercises: Ex. 1: Setup your marketplace service Ex. 2: Implement and deploy end points for a mock…  Continue reading InterConnect Lab – Add Your Product to Marketplace

Diskettes and sticks

A few days ago I met an old friend who does not work in IT. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and so the conversation turned to the usual questions about job and family. When I mentioned that I’m now in a new IBM division, she wanted to know more. Well, I said, I work in software engineering for the IBM Cloud. Have you heard of cloud computing? Sure, she replied, in the old days we had diskettes, then [memory] sticks, now we have Cloud.   Continue reading Diskettes and sticks