Run your enterprise messaging backbone with IBM MQ: our most powerful tools to maximise the speed and reliability of your business’ messaging.

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Message Hub

Message Hub

Messaging solution in IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform, based on Apache Kafka. Deploy as part of a cloud solution to build messaging into your apps.

MQ Light API

MQ Light API

Messaging API for application developers, based on the open AMQP standard. Clients available in node.js, Ruby, Python and Java.

What’s New

  • Scripting using the MQ REST API 28 April 2017
    In a previous blog post I demonstrated how system management tasks can be scripted for the IBM MQ Appliance using the REST API that was introduced in version 9.0.1. This API provides the ability to administer aspects of the appliance system, such as networking... […]
  • MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.7 released 26 April 2017
    A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.7), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment bundled within the product since the last refresh. […]
  • Does your z/OS queue manager have enough active log space? And how to fix it! 26 April 2017
    I recently saw a queue manager at a customer site that was filling the active logs every 30 minutes at peak time, and only had 3 active logs defined. This means that they only had 90 minutes before their MQ workload would stop if they had a problem with... […]
  • MQ REST API Security - Authentication 25 April 2017
    IBM MQ 9.0.2 expanded the capability of the Administrative REST API capability added in IBM MQ 9.0.1, this is detailed in recent blogs by my colleagues Mark Bluemel and Harvey Elsom . For a REST API to be genuinely useful, not only should the API... […]
  • Taking a performance view to running the MQ Console on z/OS 20 April 2017
    The IBM MQ Console is a browser-based MQ administration and monitoring tool that uses WebSphere Liberty server. The MQ Console runs on an LPAR and can be used to administer all queue managers of a comparable level on the same LPAR. Users of the MQ Console may... […]