Run your enterprise messaging backbone with IBM MQ: our most powerful tools to maximise the speed and reliability of your business’ messaging.

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Message Hub

Message Hub

Messaging solution in IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform, based on Apache Kafka. Deploy as part of a cloud solution to build messaging into your apps.

MQ Light API

MQ Light API

Messaging API for application developers, based on the open AMQP standard. Clients available in node.js, Ruby, Python and Java.

What’s New

  • Workaround to Launch IBM MQ Explorer after Uninstalling MQ Fixpack on Windows Platform 27 June 2017
      Summary : This blog is for the workaround when user tries to launch the MQ Explorer on the back level MQ Fix pack, i.e. when user installed latest MQ Fixpack ex: MQ 7508 Fixpack and uninstalled 7508 FP and when tries to launch MQ explorer on back level... […]
    Prema Laxmanachar
  • Should I use this old machine to run my production queue manager? 24 June 2017
      We have had a couple of questions about which file system people should use for their distributed production queue manager. One person said they found an old server which had never been used. They put a current Linux on it, and ran a queue manager which... […]
  • Message Hub Bluemix Node.js applications no longer need prebuilt binaries 23 June 2017
    Until now, Message Hub Node.js applications using the node-rdkafka client required a prebuilt client binary to be deployed in IBM Bluemix via cf push. IBM Bluemix now includes all required dependencies so this development step can now be avoided. We have updated our code samples on github : That’s very goo […]
    Edoardo Comar
  • Are you using MQ Internet Pass-Thru? 21 June 2017
    MQ Internet Pass-Thru (MQIPT) is an IBM MQ product extension that helps you connect MQ queue managers or clients that are not on the same network securely. It’s free to download from the IBM MQ SupportPac website , and is fully supported... […]
  • IBM MQ V8.0 available on HPE NonStop 20 June 2017
    Today IBM announced the availability of IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.0, the first release of MQ on the NonStop platform since Version 5.3.  This new version supports 32-bit and 64-bit native applications on both NonStop X and NonStop i platforms,... […]