MQ Light Python client

The MQ Light team is pleased to announce the availability of the early access/beta version of the MQ Light Python client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux ! We’ve published the package on PyPi:

Like the Node.js and Ruby clients, it is based on the Apache Qpid Proton project.

To help you get started, we’ve bundled 2 samples ( and in the package.
The full documentation of the MQ Light Python API is on:


Now that Python is officially supported on Bluemix, you can develop your applications directly for the cloud and run them in Bluemix with the MQ Light Service.
Can’t wait to try this out ? No problem, we’ve published a sample application using the Python client on Github that you can deploy in Bluemix with just a few clicks.

What’s next ?

We invite you to try this new client out and let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or just a cool app to show us on our forum.

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