The MQ Light team have been working hard filling out the matrix of language clients for MQ Light. In addition to the node.js client we have had for some time, we have added beta clients for Ruby, Python and a non blocking Java client.

These clients are all based on the open wire protocol AMQP 1.0 and largely upon the  open source project Apache Qpid Proton.  The source for the Java client is available on github .

In each case we have put the client into the place where we think developers will expect to find it. For Node.js this is, for Ruby, rubygems, for python its PyPi and for Java its maven, we have tried to fit in with the language conventions for each language in the way we have documented the clients.¬† We have added in code snippets for each language on the website. Notice the “Other” tab? – well this talks to how you can use MQ Light with other languages we have not gotten to yet using the AMQP wire protocol and open source clients like Apache Qpid Proton.


Each of these clients will work with the appropriate runtime in IBM Bluemix too. We’ve customized the bluemix documentation for MQ Light ¬†with a selector to allow you to choose the language. We have samples that work in each language too.

As I said, the Java, Ruby and Python clients are in beta. That means we are extremely interested in feedback.  Please let us know what you think by posting to our forum.



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  1. Hi, your article is very interesting, but i have one question, the protocole AMQP use pub/sub pattern and pub/sub pattern. I use JMS API to publish or subscribe or put to a queue or get from a queue. But i can’t put to a queue and i don’t find some articles about it. I use WMQ as broker.
    Best regards

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