The tour has begun and here is the latest update from Mark.

Day 2 on the road, we made it to Spain! In total some 630 miles from home! Crossed the border into Spain, now staying in an ancient Monastery, high above a lake with Latin singing monks, high in the mountains. Car has run fine, boiled over once, secured the dash in with wooden chocs, modified suspension for better handling and blew a fuse. Otherwise, amazing!! Oh lost a few bolts through vibration, but plenty of spares!

The tour continues, another tough day climbing high and driving some amazing tunnel passes. Navigation and driving both tough, but rewarding! We had a few electrical problems, a small wiring meltdown (no flames), overheating problems solved, and running repairs. I can now order, negotiate and converse vintage glass fuses in fluent Spanish


First successful data transmission from ‘long bonnet’ cam : Freescale/IBM working as expected, 2573ft up.


What a line up!!


In the clouds 3000ft


Gas station repairs and baguettes

Tunnel speed, amazing exhaust noises!!

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