Multi Instance MQ Advanced is now available as a software component for PureApplication offering offering easy to use multi instance capability based on our best practises for MQ on PureApplication.

We support PureApplication Systems, Software and Service and with this capability is packaged under the same MQ Advanced license entitlement you may already utilise for on-premises deployments we are offering a quick route to getting started.

Back in June we shipped the first iteration of our PureApplication Software Component for IBM MQ Advanced. This was a great step forward in positioning PureApp as a deployment platform for MQ, replacing the current best readily deployable option in the form of the MQ Hypervisor Edition.

Delivery of this component was a great example of agile engineering from the team going from concept to ship in a record timeframe whilst working directly with internal teams and clients to allow us to understand their needs and deliver the best solution.

As we spoke to some of these trusted stakeholders who are utilizing both MQ and Pure in their infrastructure, whilst we satisfied the need to provide MQ as an installable Software Component, we came to the conclusion that we could improve the experience of the user looking to create a highly available topology.
We were faced with a few options:
– Provide guidance through articles, video and/or Redbooks
– Provide the above with example scripts to be customized
– Adapt our component to offer a readily deployable HA toplogy

We opted for the latter but rather than creating a topology from our original component with added scripting and package this as a pattern. We deduced the best solution was to provide a more dynamic software component that could be deployed and therefore identify itself as a primary or secondary QM in a Multi Instance HA topology using the PureApp provided GPFS as the shared storage.

This new capability is available as of September the 25th. For guidance on how to get started please see the following resources below.

For more information on Pure:Click here
MQ Knowledge Centre: Click here

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Written by James Bennett

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