Please note that the IBM MQ Light Bluemix service has been retired. See MQ Light retirement schedule blog. To use the MQ Light API in Bluemix, try Message Hub.

We are delighted to announce that the MQ Light Bluemix messaging service can now be accessed from outside of Bluemix. This opens up a whole new range of messaging scenarios, from hybrid cloud integration to aiding application development.

For example:

  • Take advantage of PAYG payment models and speed application deployment by connecting on-premise applications directly to the cloud.
  • Have the freedom to run an application anywhere, either on-premise, in a private cloud or in other clouds, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2.
  • Connect distributed applications running both off and on-premise simply and efficiently.
  • Benefit from the write once run anywhere capability of the MQ Light API by seamlessly moving applications from running against a local development messaging server on a laptop (MQ Light) to an the enterprise messaging backbone (MQ) or the cloud (the MQ Light Bluemix Service).

This feature is available on all newly created services, no special steps are required, all that is needed is to retrieve the connection details of the service instance you wish to connect to by creating a Bluemix service API key.

API keys are created from the Bluemix console, either by entering a name in the ‘Credential Name’ field when creating a service or by selecting an existing service, selecting ‘Service Credential’ from the left menu and pressing the ‘Add Credentials’ button.. The allocated connectionLookURI, username and password are then shown which the application can use to access the service.


Note: Applications must connect using an encrypted connection (AMQPS). This is supported by both the MQ Light Java and JavaScript APIs. Connections from JMS are not supported.

Further information on the MQ Light Bluemix service can be found in the Bluemix documentation here: MQ Light Bluemix Documentation

1 comment on"Connect to the MQ Light Bluemix service from anywhere!"

  1. @Charlie..Thank you for the explanation..
    I was able to connect to MQ Light on Bluemix using java from external system..
    Thanks alot..

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