The MQ Light Ruby client has just been updated on which includes a number of fixes for issues seen when running MQ Light applications in Bluemix along with more general support for the Ruby 2.2 runtime.

Due to a significant update in the underlying level of proton within the Ruby client, if you experience unexpected SASL authentication errors returned to your application when you attempt to connect to your MQ Light server, you may need to upgrade your MQ Light server when moving to this latest Ruby client.

1 comment on"MQ Light Ruby client now with Ruby 2.2 runtime support"

  1. ElliotGregory February 11, 2016

    As Laurence mentioned this latest release of the Mqlight Ruby gem now support newer version of ruby and ….
    (1) SSL client certification and the use of key stores. Look at the doc and samples how to use.
    (2) Improved handling and reporting of SASL rejections

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