A new version of the MQ Light node.js client is now available on npmjs.com. This update brings the Node engine support level for the MQ Light client to v6.x and continues to support v4.x (and v5.x while still in support with Node themselves). Note: this version is no longer supported for Node engine versions 0.10 and 0.12.

This refresh is a significant rewrite of the MQ Light Node client as a pure Node JS implementation and as such represents a major version update (2.0.x). Details of this update can be found under the client release notes.

To continue using the old client for any future application deployments into Bluemix (or whenever you npm install the client locally) you will need to specify version "1.0.x" or a specific back level in your package.json:

"dependencies" : { "mqlight" : "1.0.x" }


"dependencies" : { "mqlight" : "1.0.2016061711" }

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