We hope you will login to Kim Clark’s webcast this forthcoming Friday (04/11) at 16.00 (GMT). Titled ‘Messaging in Microservice Architecture’ he will be discussing how messaging is still fundamental to application architectures such as microservices, and discuss whether paradigms such as Kafka compete with or complement enterprise messaging such as IBM MQ.

To login in, please follow the link: https://apps.na.collabserv.com/meetings/join?id=1947-5265, and type the meeting password: mobileapi. The conference call information via AT&T is as follows: 1-888-426-6840, 64534212#.

In order to see a list of Global Access Numbers, in order by country, visit: https://www.teleconference.att.com/servlet/glbAccess?process=1&accessCode=71387162&accessNumber=8884266840

Please find the webcast here.

6 comments on"Details of Kim Clark’s upcoming webcast on Messaging and APIs"

  1. I understand that some people had difficulty accessing this webcast. I have requested the replay link, and will supply it as soon as I have it.

  2. Login doesn’t work. Password is mobileapi, but what user-id to use?!? Guest access disabled. Too bad.

  3. Did this get rescheduled?

  4. sandeep chellingi November 01, 2016

    I am Sandeep Chellingi technology manager with prolifics , want to join the webcast.

  5. At what time is the call? Can’t find any public information on it. Attended Kim Clark’s talk in Madrid and it was really great. Very interested in this one. KR, Guy Crets

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