A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.7), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment bundled within the product since the last refresh.

2 comments on"MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.7 released"

  1. Excuse me, but where is C#/.NET support?

    • LaurenceBonney June 28, 2017

      Hi there, unfortunately for the time being there are no plans to provide C#/.NET support through a new MQ Light Client implementation.

      There are 3rd party AMQP 1.0 .NET clients which in principle should inter operate with the MQ Light Developer Tools and AMQP support in IBM MQ for example:

      When using generic AMQP 1.0 clients please take a look at this blog to familiarise yourself with how MQ Light and MQ interpret AMQP Links.

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