Since the initial launch of the appliance, the M2000 and M2001 models have included a Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for connectivity to storage area networks (SAN). A ‘statement of direction’ has always made clear that in time we expected to expand the storage options on the appliance using this hardware – but in initial updates to the firmware we wanted to concentrate on improving the self contained experience available with the appliance, as this is one of the key drivers for many appliance users.

In version 9.0.4 we’ve been able to address this long standing requirement, and the firmware now enables the HBAs for the first time! This allows you to ‘offload’ your queue manager data to external SAN storage if you wish. From discussions with customers, we know that there might be various reasons to consider this – pure capacity considerations, or perhaps as part of an integrated disaster recovery solution which requires cross site consistency groups.

The high level features of the new support are as follows:

  • Define one storage volume (LUN) for each queue manager you wish to persist on SAN storage
  • Choose when creating queue managers whether to use local or SAN storage (can mix both on one appliance, but each queue manager is either/or).
  • Multipathing support is provided for highly reliable connectivity to the SAN fabric
  • Recover queue manager data to an alternative appliance if required (allowing local or remote disaster recovery depending on your SAN capabilities).

For more details see the documentation for the new features

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