IBM MQ 9.0.5 is the next continuous delivery update for MQ, with IBM MQ 9.0 being the current Long Term Support option. The continuous delivery releases incrementally build on the MQ 9.0 features, providing early, supported, access to the latest MQ capabilities. Version 9.0.5 has been delivered concurrently on distributed, z/OS and the appliance platforms, and for the first time as an IBM MQ on IBM Cloud managed service.

MQ 9.0.5 can be obtained from:

  • PassportAdvantage for Windows, Linux and AIX platforms (Search for part numbers CJ329ML for Production use and CJ1RLML for Trial)
  • shopZ for z/OS. Each PID has a Long Term Support and Continuous Delivery orderable feature.
    Search for APAR PI89159 to find the PTFs to update your installation from 9.0.4 to 9.0.5, APAR P192774 for MQ Managed File Transfer for z/OS and APAR P193404 for MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition. The Continuous Delivery orderable feature will be updated to 9.0.5 on 6th April 2018.
    PIDs are:

    • 5655-MQ9 – IBM MQ for z/OS
    • 5655-VU9 – IBM MQ for z/OS Value Unit Edition
    • 5655-AM9 – IBM MQ Advanced Message Security for z/OS
    • 5655-MF9 – IBM MQ Managed File Transfer for z/OS
    • 5655-AV9 – IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS
      • This is a bundle of MQ Advanced Message Security and MQ Managed File Transfer (no MQ entitlement included)
    • 5655-AV1 – IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition
      • This is a bundle of MQ Advanced Message Security, MQ Managed File Transfer and MQ for z/OS Value Unit Edition
  • The IBM MQ Appliance firmware image can be obtained from Fix Central and can be applied to both the M2000 and M2001 hardware models.
  • IBM MQ on IBM Cloud managed service, which has 3 pre-configured queue manager sizes and a 30 day Trial

What’s new in MQ 9.0.5?

IBM MQ and MQ Appliance 9.0.5 announcement letters:

For our Offering Management perspective on MQ 9.0.5 head over to Leif Davidsen’s wordpress blog.
YouTube playlists: MQ, MQ for z/OS, MQ Appliance.

*New* MQ developer resources
During MQ 9.0.5 development we have also been busy creating new resources to support developers creating MQ applications, especially those new to MQ, with a mix of tutorials and essential getting started information. These can found from the Learn MQ link in the menu above this blog

IBM MQ Advanced enhancements:

  • IBM MQ Advanced V9.0.5 provides a new option that is suitable for a disaster recovery configuration. Replicated data queue managers, which are configured for disaster recovery, are deployed across two nodes and data is replicated either synchronously or asynchronously. This new option does not provide automatic failover of queue managers, but manual failover can be initiated when required. Disaster recovery solutions generally use asynchronous replication because they require the data to be transmitted over longer distances, where network latency might be high. The new disaster recovery option, when used with synchronous replication, can be used in environments where any loss of data during failover is unacceptable.
  • REST API options have been added for administration of MQ MFT, giving the ability to list all current MFT transfers and to query the status of MFT Agents.

IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition enhancements:

  • When clients use MQ Advanced Message Security (AMS), the AMS policy information is available on MQOPEN, instead of requiring a separate query. This improves performance for all users and includes those users who do not use AMS.
  • Java Message Service and Java client connections to MQ Advanced VUE queue managers on remote z/OS systems can now use AMS.

Enhancements available in both MQ and MQ Advanced:

  • The MQ Console was available starting with MQ V9.0.1 and with the MQ Appliance. In this release, the MQ Console is updated to reflect the latest user interface standards, with a new color palette, new buttons and an overall cleaner interface.
  • Implicit syncpoint enables persistent messages put outside of syncpoint to perform better when multiple applications are using the same queue. To optimize performance, the default setting is to implicitly put all persistent messages in syncpoint, if two or more applications have a queue open.
  • In Version 9.0.5, MQ can query LDAP by using short names for group members.
  • The AMQP listener service is now enabled by default on queue managers. This simplifies the use of the service in support of suitable applications.

IBM MQ Appliance enhancements:

  • The floating IP option of the MQ Appliance high availability feature is improved by the ability to make use of aggregated IP interfaces, not tying this important feature to an individual physical network port. This update could improve reliability by removing a potential single point of failure.

Look out for further blog articles and video demos on our playlists.

Can I get a copy of IBM MQ 9.0.5 for development purposes?

Yes, you can. A free download to use for development is available from the IBM MQ download page. It is available for Windows and Linux x86-64.

Remind me how the Continuous Delivery support model works…

Its worth reminding you what the Continuous Delivery support model means for MQ.

  • MQ 9.0 LTS is supported for a minimum of 5 years from its availability in May 2016, and will receive fix only updates through fixpacks versioned, and so on.
  • MQ CD updates will be delivered with the 3rd digit change – 9.0.1, 9.0.2 and so on. Fixes will only be provided on the most recent two CD updates, so you need to keep moving forward with the MQ CD releases. Also, MQ CD updates will be delivered with new function enabled by default.
  • The IBM MQ FAQ for Long Term Support and Continuous Delivery Releases will hopefully answer most of your questions.

MQ System Requirements and documentation

The system requirements are documented at the links below. IBM MQ 9.0.5 is being made available on a subset of the LTS operating systems and on the IBM MQ Appliance. The set of supported operating systems are z/OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux on x86-64, Linux on IBM z Systems, Linux on Little Endian Power (RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu) and AIX.

Further information can be found in the IBM MQ Knowledge Center and the IBM MQ Appliance Knowledge Center

Other Fix Central resources

A number of MQ 9.0.5 components are made available on Fix Central for ease of download. Here are the links to the available components:

What function has released in previous continuous delivery updates?

IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance 9.0.4
IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance 9.0.3
IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance 9.0.2
IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance 9.0.1

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