Got lots of resource monitors in your IBM MQ Managed File Transfer topology? creating backup of configuration of all those resource monitor takes too much time?

fteListMonitors command lists all resource monitors under an IBM MQ Managed File Transfer coordination queue manager. The command has an ox option which can be used to create backup of a single resource monitor configuration to file system. For example fteListMonitors -ma AGENT_SRC -mn QMON -ox /usr/backup/QMON.XML saves the configuration of resource monitor QMON of AGENT_SRC to QMON.XML on the file system. The command must be run for one resource monitor at a time to create a backup which can be a time consuming job if there are lots of resource monitors.

IBM MQ v9.0.5 has enhanced the fteListMonitors command by adding a new option, od. The new option allows configuration of multiple or all resource monitors registered with a coordination queue manager to be backed up in one go, resulting in considerable savings in time required for the backup. For example fteListMonitors -p MQMFT -od /usr/backup will backup configuration of all resource monitors under MQMFT coordination queue manager to a file system folder in one go. The name of saved configuration file will consist of agent name and resource monitor name, for example AGENT_SRC.QMON.XML.

You can use the new option to backup the configuration of all resource monitor of a single agent by specifying an agent name in the command, for example fteListMonitors -ma AGENT_SRC -od /usr/backup -p MQMFT

You can also use ‘*’ wildcard in agent names to backup configuration of resource monitors of multiple agents, for example fteListMonitors -ma AGN* -od /usr/backup -p MQMFT will backup configuration of all resource monitors of all agents whose name begins with ‘AGN’ under coordination queue manager MQMFT.

Similarly you can use * wildcard in resource monitor names to backup configuration of matching resource monitors. For example fteListMonitors -mn QMON* -od /usr/backup -p MQMFT will backup configuration of all resource monitors whose name begins with QMON of all agents under coordination queue manager MQMFT

See here for details of the updates to fteListMonitors command and more examples.

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