IBM MQ for HPE NonStop 8.0.2 is the second Continuous Delivery (CD) update for MQ NonStop version 8. The key objective for this CD update (coming so soon after MQ NonStop V8.0.1) is to provide an important security update for OpenSSL 1.0.2n. See this Security Bulletin.

Other Improvements

IBM has used this opportunity to include the following minor security, usability & serviceability enhancements that are based on customer feedback from previous CD releases and from the Beta program:


  • Optionally disable TLS V1.0 protocol
  • SSL enhancements


  • Enhancements to both the RUNNSCNF and IMPORTMQM/EXPORTMQM utilities
  • Improved user experience for Upgrade Install


  • Improvements to both the AMQXDBG & DSPMQTRC utilities

In addition, this CD update includes a small number of defect fixes and performance improvements.

How to get IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.0.2

IBM MQ for HPE NonStop 8.0.2 can be obtained from Passport Advantage, see Downloading IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.0.2. It will also be made available for evaluation purposes via IBM’s Early Access (“Beta”) Program, in the same way as previous MQ NonStop V8 releases.

If you are not already in the Beta program, you can sign up by contacting your local IBM representative or the Beta program manager. You will then be able to obtain the Beta release of the product which has the same functionally as the V8.0.2 GA release.

V8.0 CD Implications

Under IBM’s standard Continuous Delivery policy, product fixes are only guaranteed for the two most recent CD releases. However, because V8.0.2 is released so soon after V8.0.1, both the V8.0.1 and V8.0.0 releases will continue to remain fully supported.

Product Documentation and Further Details

Further information is available here:

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