The MQ Appliance has always supported aggregated (bonded) interfaces when connected to appropriate network infrastructure. This allows you to maximize bandwidth and availability of your connections, by treating multiple physical links as a single network interface.

With firmware update 9.0.1, we added the ability to define a floating IP for queue managers defined in an HA (High Availability) group. This means that if you ever experience a fail-over, applications can immediately reconnect without needing to know that the queue manager has ‘moved’ at all. Unfortunately, we had to restrict this capability at the time to network addresses on physical interfaces (i.e. not these ‘aggregated’ links).

IBM MQ Appliance update 9.0.5 lifts this restriction, so now you can have the best of both worlds. By linking interfaces into an aggregation, you can ensure that if one physical link goes down, your network path remains available – and if your infrastructure supports it, even take advantage of increased bandwidth when multiple links are available. But now, you can also define a floating IP on this combined interface so that in the event you lose the entire queue manager (or appliance), applications can reconnect seamlessly to your HA replica.

We received several “Request for Enhancement”s in this area, and it was among the most voted for RFEs against the appliance product. The development team are very pleased to be able to announce we’ve delivered it in this release – now on to the others!

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