This article explains how to bridge MFT network to the external file transfer server like ftp. Using this, files can be transferred to or from ftp server outside MFT network.
This is done using Protocol Bridge Agent(PBA). Pair it it standard agent and you are ready to transfer files to or from the ftp server.

To enable ftp server on a linux machine , follow the link

Use the command fteCreateBridgeAgent to create the protocol bridge agent.

fteCreateBridgeAgent -agentName BridgeAgent_clamdmc -agentQMgr MFTDEMO -bt ftp -bh -bm UNIX -btz Europe/London -bfe UTF-8 -bsl en_US

This creates the protocol bridge agent along with two files . These files contain configuration and access information.
1) ProtocolBridgeProperties.xml
2) ProtocolBridgeCredentials.xml


ProtocolBridgeProperties.xml gets created in the path c:\ProgramData\IBM\MQ\mqft\config\\agents\ and contains information about the ftp server which was provided with the command

for ex : for the above command the entry in the properties file would be
< tns:defaultServer name=”” />
   < tns:ftpServer name=”” host=”” platform=”UNIX”
  timeZone=”Europe/London” locale=”en_US” fileEncoding=”UTF-8″
  listFormat=”unix” limitedWrite=”false” />


ProtocolBridgeCredentials.xml is an important file as this speciifes the userid used to access the ftp server. This file will be present in the user(the logged in user) home directory

< ?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<tns:credentials xmlns:tns=”” xmlns:xsi=””   xsi:schemaLocation=” ProtocolBridgeCredentials.xsd “>
     <tns:agent name=”BRIDGEAGENT_CLAMDMC”>
        <tns:server name=””>
           <tns:user name=”abcded” serverUserId=”ftpuser” serverPassword=”#######”>

agent name in this file should match the protocal bridge agent name used while creating the agent with fteCreateBridgeAgent command.
server name is the ftp server name .
user name is the user who is executing the command
serverUserId is the user id on the ftp server.
serverPassword is the password for the ftp user.

If you have a standard agent , then you can use fteCreateTransfer command , mention the protocol bridge agent as source or destination depending on whether you want to transfer to or from the ftp server.

As in
fteCreateTransfer -rt -1 -sa AGENT.CLRHOUSE -sm MFTDEMO -da BRIDGEAGENT_CLAMDMC -dm MFTDEMO -de overwrite -df “\tmp\FROMWindows\newfile.txt” “C:\temp\file1.txt”

In this Protocal bridgeagent is specified as the destination agent .. so files are transferred to ftp server.

Where can I get more information?

The IBM Knowledge Center contains detailed information

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