We are pleased to announce that we have now published sample IBM MQ version 9.0.5 Docker containers for z/Linux and Power little endian platforms. These images are available pre-built on Docker Hub or, alternatively, you can build your own versions of these images using the make files available on the ibm-messaging/mq-container GitHub repository.

How do I access these new images?

The good news is to take advantage of these new images you don’t need to change anything. We’ve modified the ibmcom/mq:latest tag to use a Docker registry image manifest instead of just being a direct link to the Linux x86_64 image. Now when you use Docker to run or pull the ibmcom/mq:latest ‘image’ Docker will look at what platform you are running on and grab either the Linux x86_64, s390x or power ppcle image.
If however you don’t want Docker to do this and want to use a specific image then you can use the new tags ``, `` or `` to get the specific image you want.

What about IBM Cloud Private?

IBM MQ is available on IBM Cloud Private both as: a free item in the default IBM Charts catalog and as a pre-built production deployment (which you download from Passport Advantage). IBM Cloud Private can also be installed on Linux x86_64, s390x and Power PPCLE. With the release of IBM MQ container images on Power and S390x it will hopefully come as no surprise that we have updated the Helm charts used by IBM Cloud Private to deploy IBM MQ to support these platforms as well. In order to use IBM MQ on a Power or s390x IBM Cloud Private you need to make sure that you are using V1.3.0 versions of either the Developer or Production Helm charts.

What if I find problems or have feedback with these new images?

If you encounter issues with either the pre-built images, the sample make files or you want to provide feedback/suggestions then please raise a GitHub issue on the ibm-messaging/mq-container GitHub repository.

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