IBM MQ 9.1 Long Term Support and IBM MQ Appliance M2002 have announced today. IBM MQ 9.1 consolidates product features delivered throughout the IBM MQ 9.0.x continuous delivery releases. IBM MQ 9.1 LTS will be the default firmware level on the new M2002 appliance model, and will also be available as a Long Term Support firmware to install on the M2000 and M2001 hardware models.

General Availability dates:

  • 23rd July 2018 – IBM MQ 9.1 for distributed platforms
  • 23rd July 2018 – IBM MQ Appliance 9.1 LTS firmware for IBM MQ Appliance M2000 and M2001
  • 27th July 2018 – IBM MQ Appliance M2002
  • 10th August 2018 – IBM MQ for z/OS offerings

The IBM MQ on IBM Cloud service will also be updated from MQ 9.0.5 to MQ 9.1.

What’s new in IBM MQ 9.1?

Our Offering Manager, Leif Davidsen, has summarized the updates for both MQ 9.1 and MQ Appliance M2002 on his blog.

The tweak to Continuous Delivery support

For Continuous Delivery releases we have previously stated that defect support was available for the 2 most recent CD releases, which provides a window to move up to the latest release. Through talking to our customers we have understood that whilst this provides time for migration, it doesn’t give a predictable amount of time – if we speed up, you have to speed up. We have now enhanced our support statement to include a minimum time period by also stating that defect support is available for a minimum of 1 year for each CD release. The statement (in all the announcement letters) is:
Defect support for a CD release is available for 12 months from the availability of the release or while it remains one of the two most recent CD releases, whichever is longer.

Other notes on support

  • Within the IBM MQ 9.1 package is a IBM MQ Advanced container image for IBM Cloud – IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. This image is being made available as a continuous delivery image only due to the speed of change in this area, and will need to be updated to 9.1.1, 9.1.2 etc as these become available.
  • IBM MQ Appliance LTS firmware is supported for a minimum period of 3 years from general availability. The MQ software product is supported for a minimum of 5 years from general availability. The difference is due to dependencies outside of our control.

Links to all the announcement letters

IBM MQ Appliance M2002

IBM Japan JP18-0303
IBM Americas – United States 218-249
IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa ZP18-0306
IBM Asia Pacific AP18-0237
IBM Americas – Latin America LP18-0305
IBM Americas – Canada A18-0390

IBM MQ 9.1 Long Term Support

IBM Japan JP18-0301
IBM Americas – United States 218-246
IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa ZP18-0303
IBM Asia Pacific AP18-0235
IBM Americas – Latin America LP18-0303
IBM Americas – Canada A18-0386

IBM MQ for z/OS 9.1 Long Term Support

IBM Japan JP18-0308
IBM Americas – United States 218-252
IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa ZP18-0311
IBM Asia Pacific AP18-0241
IBM Americas – Latin America LP18-0310
IBM Americas – Canada A18-0394

IBM MQ for z/OS Value Unit Edition 9.1, IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS 9.1, IBM MQ Advanced Message Security for z/OS, IBM MQ Managed File Transfer for z/OS Long Term Support

IBM Japan JP18-0254
IBM Americas – United States 218-213
IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa ZP18-0258
IBM Asia Pacific AP18-0201
IBM Americas – Latin America LP18-0256
IBM Americas – Canada A18-0337

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