AppDynamics Monitor Agent tool adds additional RFH header to MQ message before putting the message onto the queue. Because of this additional RFH header IBM MQ .NET Clients may report MQRC_HEADER_ERROR (MQRC 2142) while parsing the message.Following is the sample RFH header which gets added into MQMessage.

RFH ….x…”…3…MQSTR ……..P…<usr><singularityheader
dt=”string” >notxdetect

The RFH2 structure beginning with <usr><singularityheader dt=”string” >

This RFH header is added by the AppDynamics Monitor Agent tool and not by MQ.

This additional header can be disabled on the tool using the following steps:
1. Go to Configuration -> Instrumentation -> Backend Detection.
2. Then click on your application name, go to .NET tab and click on Queues.
3. Click on Edit Automatic Discovery and in the popup window, uncheck the Correlation Enabled checkbox.

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