IBM MQ Bridge to blockchain

Back at IBM MQ version 9.0.3 & 9.0.4, the IBM MQ Bridge to blockchain was made available on Linux for connecting to advanced queue managers on distributed platforms and advance VUE queue managers on z/OS. This initial offering was tailored around connecting your MQ network to your Hyperledger network at the Fabric layer via a bridge running solely on Linux (x86_64).

Fast forward to MQ 9.1, a number of enhancements have been made to our MQ Bridge to blockchain offering which have been hardened into this long term support release:

  • Support for Hyperledger Composer
  • Support for running directly on z/OS

Support for Hyperledger Composer:

The move away from the MQ Bridge to blockchain supporting connections to Hyperledger Fabric and on to Hyperledger Composer represents the ongoing shift of customers migrating from configuration of their Hyperledger networks solely through the low level Hyperledger Fabric layer, to leveraging the tooling available in Hyperledger Composer. Thus allowing them to model real world customer scenarios within a blockchain network in a simple and intuitive manner. Given the rapidly changing nature of the Hyperledger project over the past couple of years, for MQ the use of Hyperledger Fabric in the MQ9.0.x continuous delivery releases was always stepping stone, allowing the Hyperledger Composer technology to mature before moving to MQ supporting Hyperledger Composer in the long term.

Support for running directly on z/OS:

Prior to MQ 9.1 the MQ bridge to blockchain was shipped as part of the MQ Advanced VUE offering on z/OS however due to technical limitiations of the technology underpinning the bridge, the bridge itself was limited to running on Linux (x86_64) systems. This then required customers to a) move the bridge off of their z/OS system and b) have a Linux system available to run the bridge on in the first place.

This unusual situation has now been resolved such that the bridge shipped with z/OS can be run directly on the z/OS system in USS or via a JCL job.

Availability of the MQ Bridge to blockchain on Linux (x86_64), as was the case in the MQ9.0.x continuous delivery releases, continues to be available in the MQ 9.1 long term support release.

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