Now that MQ 9.1 has been released we have updated our container images, source and Helm charts. You will now be able to download a pre-built IBM MQ 9.1 container image from Docker Hub and Docker Store. You will also be able to build your own container images using source files and instructions available on GitHub. For users of IBM Cloud Private, a new IBM MQ 9.1 Helm Chart has been released for both developer and production deployments.

Deprecation and removal notice

As well as adding new IBM MQ 9.1 resources; we have removed and deprecated some existing resources:

  • IBM MQ 9.0.4 container images and source files. – These have been removed due to the previous continuous delivery support model only supporting the current and current-1 versions.
  • IBM MQ 9 and 8 LTS container images. – The IBM MQ version and long term support container images have been removed from Docker Hub due to incompatibilities with the mq-container source files. You are still able to build your own versions of these container images using the mq-docker source files.
  • The ibmcom/mq tags 9-cd, cd, lts. – The docker tags for the ibmcom/mq repository have been simplified. If you previously used these tags then please use the new tags below. Please Note: The 9 tag is still currently available but will be removed at a later date.
  • The IBM MQ 1.2.2 and below Helm Charts. – These Helm charts are no longer supported and should be replaced with the new Helm charts below.
  • IBM MQ 9.0.5 container image on the IBM Cloud container registry. – This image is now deprecated and will be removed in the future when 9.0.5 goes out of support. Please use the Docker Hub 9.0.5 image instead.

Where to get these updates

Container images

The source for the container images has been updated to allow you to build 9.1 versions of IBM MQ. You can see this on the mq-container GitHub repository.

The pre-built IBM MQ 9.1 images have been uploaded to Docker Hub and Docker Store and are available for download now. You can use the following to quickly access the container image:

  • Docker Hub – ibmcom/mq:
  • Docker Store – store/ibmcorp/mqadvanced-server-dev:

Additionally, we have updated the tags for IBM MQ 9.0.5 and you can now access the 9.0.5 image at the following:

  • Docker Hub – ibmcom/mq:
  • Docker Store – ibmcorp/mqadvanced-server-dev:

These tags will download either: a x86_64, POWER or z/Linux version of the container image, depending on the platform you are running the command on. If you want to get a specific platform version you can use the following tags on Docker Hub:

  • x86_64 – ibmcom/mq:
  • POWER – ibmcom/mq:
  • z/Linux – ibmcom/mq:

Please note: We will not be uploading the IBM MQ 9.1 image or future images to the IBM Cloud container registry.

Helm charts

The Helm Charts supplied for use with IBM Cloud Private or IBM Kubernetes Service have been updated to version 2.0.1. There are a number of new features available with this and details of these can be found in the RELEASENOTES.

The Helm Chart source has been updated and is now available on the IBM/charts repository.

The IBM MQ 9.1 Production ready CloudPak archive file is now available for download from Passport Advantage and FixCentral. You can find it by searching for the part number CNV3YML or using the following link:

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