I am pleased to announce the availability of IBM Event Streams 2018.3.1, the latest release of IBM’s event-steaming platform based on Apache Kafka®. This builds on the inaugural release from September 2018, adding some exciting capabilities that didn’t quite make the first delivery, but which customers have been asking for. So, here’s a quick summary of the highlights :

  • Support for Linux®on IBM Z®(zLinux) platform
  • Support for the IBM MQ connectors to run directly on IBM z/OS and take advantage of bindings mode for improved efficiencies
  • Supported MQ Sink Connector and additional connectivity enhancements to make it even easier to integrate Event Streams into your existing environment
  • Update to Apache Kafka 2.0.1

Support for the zLinux platform

zLinux is a versatile platform that allows you to make use of familiar Linux distributions and tooling, while also taking advantage of IBM Z hardware, and benefiting from high bandwidth, low latency links to existing Mainframe workloads. Running Event Streams on zLinux means that you have high bandwidth connectivity to events captured from existing mainframe workloads directly into Kafka.

MQ Connectors now supported on IBM z/OS

When connecting to MQ on the Mainframe, the most efficient and cost-effective way to connect applications to the queue manager is using local connections. The MQ Connectors delivered as part of Event Streams are now supported directly on z/OS, and are able to make local connections to take advantage of this efficient connection mode.

MQ Sink Connector and other connectivity enhancements

Adding to the MQ Source Connector delivered with Event Streams, this refresh adds a supported MQ Sink Connector, which allows data to flow from Apache Kafka back into MQ. This means customers now have supported bi-directional connectivity between IBM MQ and IBM Event Streams, allowing data to flow from MQ into Event Streams and vice versa. Both Source and Sink connectors have been further enhanced to support CCDTs, making it easier to connect into a typical enterprise MQ network with multiple queue managers.

Update to Kafka 2.0.1

Event Streams 2018.3.1 is built on Apache Kafka 2.0.1, which contains a number of important fixes and is the latest well-tested, stable release of Kafka. This can be rolled out across an existing Event Streams deployment with zero service downtime.


In addition to all this, you’ll notice many other refinements and enhancements to the User Experience as we are constantly evolving in response to your feedback. So thank you to everyone who’s worked with us over the last few months – we hope you like the results!

If you would like more details on IBM Event Streams and how to get started, please take a look at our product pages https://www.ibm.com/cloud/event-streams, and product documentation https://ibm.github.io/event-streams/. Any further questions, you can reach out to us over Slack https://slack-invite-ibm-cloud-tech.mybluemix.net/, we’d love to hear from you!

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