IBM MQ on Cloud has now added another MQ Advanced feature enabling you to also transfer files between systems and applications with IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT). What’s the benefit of this, though?

Normally, being able to perform messaging and being able to transfer files are things that require separate infrastructure to run and maintain. But now that MQ on Cloud has the ability to transfer files between systems and applications you only have run one infrastructure, and you don’t even have to maintain it because MQ on Cloud is a managed service. This means you can transfer files anywhere in the MQ network, including systems in multiple regions and/or clouds, in a managed and auditable way.

The way this works is by converting files into messages, and the messages are sent across your MQ network into systems of record, for example. You can also do the reverse action of converting system of record entries into messages, send the messages all over your MQ network, and then store them as files.

The files are converted into message form for transportation purposes, and are converted back to their original state when they arrive at the intended destination.

Having the ability to message converted files with MQ on Cloud enables you to utilise your existing MQ infrastructure, so you can continue to benefit from your MQ investment in:

• The same teams using the same skills and tools
• MQ runtimes
• Security

Want to know more about how to transfer files across clouds and/or regions with IBM MQ on Cloud? You can find further information and how to implement this into your MQ network. You can even try your hand at running MFT Agents in containers on the cloud.

If you’re just starting your cloud journey, visit us to find out how you can harness the power of MQ as a managed service .

However, if we’ve whet your appetite enough and you want to try out IBM MQ on Cloud with no strings attached, then you can quickly and easily enjoy our free trial, today.

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