We are very excited to introduce this new API for developers writing Golang applications to connect to IBM MQ.

This new API builds on the existing mq-golang client library to present a developer friendly interface based on the popular JMS 2.0 specification. Developers with experience using JMS in Java will be immediately familiar with using this JMS style Golang API. All Golang developers benefit from a simple messaging API that is based on industry best practice and experience, with no prior knowledge of Java or JMS required!

The API uses intuitive concepts like Producers and Consumers to hide the low level IBM MQ constructs. The result is easily readable code that can send and receive messages in only a few lines as shown here;

Easily send and receive IBM MQ messages in Golang
Easily send and receive IBM MQ messages in Golang

The repo includes detailed instructions on how to get started and a set of reusable code samples for common patterns such as sending and receiving messages, request/reply messaging and how to handle error conditions.

Try it out today on MacOS, Linux or Windows, and we look forward to hearing your comments either here or via github.com!

2 comments on"New simplified API for IBM MQ applications in Golang!"

  1. Is it supported via the IBM support centre (i.e. can we open PMRs against it?)

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your question – the Golang JMS library is currently provided “as is” so it isn’t supported via the IBM Support Centre / PMR process, however we welcome Issues raised via the GitHub repo.

      We’re keen to hear feedback on the strength of demand for new language options like this and what impact PMR style support plays (for example compared to other open source modules you may be using) in order to guide our future plans.

      Best regards,


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