MQ 9.1.2 introduces the concept of a Uniform Cluster – a group of queue managers that are in an MQ cluster, that have similar configuration to one another, and can automatically move applications between each other to maintain an even distribution of apps.

If you haven’t read the introductory articles yet, I’d suggest starting with those to familiarise yourself with the concepts and terminology:

In the video linked below I demonstrate the steps needed to turn a cluster of 3 queue managers into a Uniform Cluster, and how that can help you achieve an even distribution of applications across the queue managers.


2 comments on"Screen capture showing how to set up a 9.1.2 Uniform Cluster"

  1. Given that there is already a precedent in Activity Trace configuration for interpreting “path\applname.exe” as just “applname” – is there any reason why Uniform Clusters did not follow that precendent?

    • Matthew Whitehead April 04, 2019

      The thinking was that if we were able to offer convenient ways of setting a specific applname for the majority of MQ client languages/platforms, this would form a cleaner basis on which to build the behaviour of automatic application rebalancing. Had we not done that, I suspect we would have looked at using a similar convention to activity trace.

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