Over the past couple of years, many customers have been upgrading their MQ for z/OS environments to MQ Advanced for z/OS VUE, both to take advantage of a perpetual product license (replacing MLC) as well as to exploit capabilities exclusive to the Advanced offering. An important step in the upgrade process is to configure MQ to correctly report usage of the new product ID in monthly SCRT reports that are filed with IBM. This ensures that usage can be correctly mapped with a customer’s entitlements.

Based on user feedback, the recently available V9.1.3 release delivers improvements to make it easier to configure SCRT reporting for MQ Advanced for z/OS VUE, as well as use of the Advanced Message Security (AMS) feature.

Previously, separate FMIDs needed to be installed in order to enable VUE and AMS – for example, at V9.1, HUE9100 would be applied to enable SCRT reporting of VUE, and HAMS910 similarly for AMS. The new approach does not require any separate FMIDs to be installed, rather users can specify which product ID MQ registers with SCRT when it starts by using the QMGRPROD and AMSPROD attributes.

QMGRPROD can be set in a number of ways depending on the preference of the user. The attribute can be set on the START QMGR command, which is a useful way to test the reporting the first time that Advanced VUE is enabled:

When starting the queue manager, users can check for the CSQY036I message, or look at the ADVCAP attribute listed by the DISPLAY QMGR command:

CSQY036I !MQ21 CSQYASCP QMGRPROD=ADVANCEDVUE, recording product usage for MQ z/OS Adv VUE product id 5655-AV1

Once the reporting has been verified, users can choose to make the change more permanent, such that it does not need specifying manually on each queue manager restart. One approach is to encode the QMGRPROD attribute into the MSTR JCL for the queue manager:

A further option, should the user prefer, is to compile the change within ZPARMs using the CSQUSGP macro:

In all cases, the change will only take effect when the queue manager starts and registers itself with SCRT.

Enabling AMS is performed in a similar fashion. The AMSPROD attribute can be set on the START QMGR command, within the MSTR JCL or in ZPARMs:

When starting the queue manager, this time users check for the CSQ0619I message to verify AMS has been correctly enabled:

CSQ0619I !MQ21 CSQ0DSRV AMSPROD=ADVANCEDVUE, recording product usage for MQ z/OS Adv VUE product id 5655-AV1

Important note: Customers using AMS prior to V9.1.3 will need to migrate to setting either QMGRPROD=ADVANCEDVUE or setting AMSPROD once they upgrade to V9.1.3. The queue manager will not start until this has been done.

Interested in what else is new in MQ for z/OS V9.1.3? Check out our Knowledge Center here: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSFKSJ_9.1.0/com.ibm.mq.pro.doc/q132800_.htm

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