Run your enterprise messaging backbone with IBM MQ: our most powerful tools to maximise the speed and reliability of your business’ messaging.

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Message Hub

Message Hub

Messaging solution in IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform, based on Apache Kafka. Deploy as part of a cloud solution to build messaging into your apps.

MQ Light API

MQ Light API

Messaging API for application developers, based on the open AMQP standard. Clients available in node.js, Ruby, Python and Java.

What’s New

  • All you wanted to know about how logging works – and more 22 September 2017
    Someone asked a question on one of my blog posts , and I thought this would be of interest to the wider community I thought it easier to write another blog entry on logging rather than expand the original topic MQ 101 logging introduction. This is very much the concept level and is similar for […] […]
  • Running the MQ docker image on the Kubernetes service in Bluemix 4 September 2017
    In March, we announced the availability of the IBM MQ Advanced for Developers docker image as part of the Bluemix Container service, which provided a simple way to try out IBM MQ using a cloud deployment. Since that time, the original version of the Bluemix Container Service has been deprecated in favour of the new […] […]
  • AWS Quick Start for IBM MQ 31 August 2017
    At the end of August, IBM and Amazon Web Services announced the first AWS Quick Start to feature an IBM solution. The Quick Start delivers a simple way of creating a secure, highly available MQ environment, built on AWS services in less than 30 minutes. What is an AWS Quick Start? AWS Quick Starts help […] […]
    Jon Tilt
  • MQ and the use of data set encryption for IBM z/OS v2.2 30 August 2017
    Extensive use of encryption is one of the most effective ways to help reduce the risks and financial losses of a data breach and help meet complex compliance mandates. Recently IBM announced that data set encryption for z/OS V2.2 has become available for download through the IBM Support web site via APAR OA50569. z/OS data […] […]
  • MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.8 released 25 August 2017
    A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.8), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment bundled within the product since the last refresh. […]