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Message Hub

Message Hub

Messaging solution based on Apache Kafka, in the IBM Cloud platform. Deploy as part of a cloud solution to build messaging into your apps.

MQ Light API

MQ Light API

Messaging API for application developers, based on the open AMQP standard. Clients available in node.js, Ruby, Python and Java.

What’s New

  • Versioning in the MQ REST API 22 January 2018
    When we first introduced the MQ REST API in 9.0.1 we included a version number in the URL. For example a GET to the following URL can be used to list the queues defined to the queue manager called qmgr1: https://localhost:9443/ibmmq/rest/v1/admin/qmgr/qmgr/queue The version is the bit in bold: v1, so version 1. So far we […] […]
  • What happens if you don’t back up your CF structures? 19 January 2018
    We often give the advice that MQ CF structures should be backed up regularly, by which we mean at least every hour. A recent customer problem that I dealt with showed why this is good advice. Background MQ application CF structures are used to hold shared queues. As is the case with private queues, queue […] […]
  • IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.0.1 is now available! 19 January 2018
    IBM MQ for HPE NonStop 8.0.1 is the first Continuous Delivery (CD) update for MQ NonStop. (WebSphere MQ NonStop 5.3.1 is the current Long Term Support option). The Continuous Delivery releases incrementally build on the MQ 8.0.0 features, providing early, supported access to the latest MQ capabilities. You can obtain Version 8.0.1 from Passport Advantage – [ […]
  • MQ Light messaging from Microsoft®.NET™ (Part 3) 11 January 2018
    Introduction In part 1 and part 2 I showed how you can connect to MQ AMQP channels from .Net using the Amqp.Net Lite library and how you set your own client ID. In this post I’ll show you how to use a more advanced feature of the MQ Light API – shared subscriptions. Shared Subscriptions […] […]
    Matthew Whitehead
  • Developing Java applications for MQ just got easier with Maven 9 January 2018
    Introduction This post talks about a simpler way to develop Java applications for MQ, using a Maven repository to automatically install dependencies. Application development for MQ requires access to the language-specific interfaces, libraries, headers, DLLs etc. You write an application and, depending on the language, the MQ-provided components are used wit […]
    Mark E Taylor