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MQ Appliance Hardware replacements and upgrades

Hard though it is to believe, it’s now coming up to 4 years since we announced the first model of the MQ Appliance (M2000). In...

New for MQ appliance – combine floating IP with aggregated links for maximum availability

The MQ Appliance has always supported aggregated (bonded) interfaces when connected to appropriate network infrastructure. This allows you to maximize bandwidth and availability of your...

IBM MQ Appliance: Support for external storage

Since the initial launch of the appliance, the M2000 and M2001 models have included a Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for connectivity to storage area...

IBM MQ: How long will it take to (re)start my queue manager?

How long will a queue manager restart take in the best case? in the worst case? and what can I do to improve it?

Appliance disaster recovery – managing client reconnection

How can client applications find their queue manager following failover? When a queue manager restarts or relocates – through any means, such as the appliance...

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