Changes to client state

We'd like to let you know about a change coming up in the Watson IoT Platform that affects devices, gateways and applications if they are disconnected for an extended period of time. When a device connects to the platform over MQTT, it can ask the platform to collect commands and actions for it while it is disconnected.  It does that...  Continue reading Changes to client state

Announcing improved load balancing for applications (Beta)

I'm pleased to announce improved load balancing for applications within the Watson IoT Platform. The IoT Platform extends MQTT 3.1.1 with shared subscriptions.  This allows you to have multiple instances of an application connect to the platform and share out the message workload between them.  This ability to add more instances of an application allows you...  Continue reading Announcing improved load balancing for applications (Beta)

Gateway Access Control API Beta

I'm pleased to announced that we now have an Access Control API for Gateways available in Beta. This feature builds on our existing Gateway support which allows you to register and connect gateway devices to the Watson IoT Platform and allows the Gateways to act on behalf of their attached devices.  Gateways can send events on...  Continue reading Gateway Access Control API Beta

Changes to Application status API for applications

Application Status API changes We are making some changes to application status messages published to the application monitor topic.  We want to ensure that you are aware of these changes, in case you are depending on the existing behavior and need to make changes to your applications to ensure they continue working as expected. Note that these changes...  Continue reading Changes to Application status API for applications

HTTP API changes

We've got two changes to tell you about in our HTTP API: You can now send commands to devices from applications using the Application HTTP API Updated URLs when sending events from devices to the platform over HTTP Send commands from applications using the HTTP Application API If you're an application writer and you're more familiar with using HTTP...  Continue reading HTTP API changes