Matt Roberts

STSM and Lead Architect, IBM MQ on Cloud, IBM Hursley

STSM and Lead Architect, IBM MQ on Cloud

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New simplified API for IBM MQ applications in Golang!

We are very excited to introduce this new API for developers writing Golang applications to connect to IBM MQ. This new API builds on the...

Announcing AMS and TLS configuration in the MQ cloud service

Advanced Message Security and TLS configuration now available in the MQ cloud service!

Statement of direction for IBM MQ cloud offering

If you have carefully read the recent Announcement letter for the IBM MQ v9.0.4 Continuous Delivery release then you will have noticed the following Statement...

Using IBM Cloud Functions for serverless processing of MQ messages

Serverless computing is a runtime programming model in which application developers write business logic without the worry of managing the server infrastructure on which their...

Running the MQ docker image on the Kubernetes service in Bluemix

In March, we announced the availability of the IBM MQ Advanced for Developers docker image as part of the Bluemix Container service, which provided a...

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Configuring efficient messaging in multicluster WebSphere Process Server cells

This article describes the best practices for configuring the IBM WebSphere Service Integration Bus component…