• MQ REST API performance on z/OS 14 July 2017
    This blog takes a look at the performance of the MQ REST API specifically on the z/OS platform, which was introduced in MQ 9.0.1 and enhanced in both 9.0.2 and 9.0.3 Continuous Delivery Releases. The blog can be used as in conjunction with previous blogs listed in the “References” section. Our performance measurements were run […] […]
  • Troubleshooting MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR 10 July 2017
    Q) MQGET/MQPUT(1) is reporting MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR, however the channel, queues and queue manager’s MAXMSGL length is set to 104857600, what’s wrong ? A) MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR can be returned to an MQ MQI client program on the MQGET/ MQPUT(1) call, if the BufferLength parameter of an MQGET/MQPUT(1) call exceeds the maximum message size that was negotiate […]
  • Best use of dlq handler with MQ 7 July 2017
    IBM MQ is a message oriented middle-ware product, used to integrate heterogeneous applications through messaging. The applications may be running on different platforms. Out of many features that it provides, one of the very important feature of IBM MQ is the assured delivery of the messages to the destination. There can be number of scenarios […] […]
  • Running an MQ C client in Cloud Foundry™, and connecting it to on-premise MQ 5 July 2017
    In this post I will show you how you can push a native C client for MQ (in this case I’ll be using the amqsgetc sample) as a Bluemix Cloud Foundry app, and connect it to an on-premise queue manager via the Secure Gateway. We’ll be using a variety of tools as we go through […] […]
    Matthew Whitehead
  • Simple solution to fix DLL issues faced while configuring queue manager for JDBC-XA 3 July 2017
    Summary: While configuring queue managers for JDBC-XA transactions on Windows, you might hit with an issue like “The system could not dynamically load the DLL” on Windows systems. This blog is to fix such issues. Error encountered while restarting the queue manager AMQ7626: XA resource manager initialization failure. Refer to the error log for more […] […]
  • Resource Utilisation on the MQ Appliance 3 July 2017
    I’ve had a number of inquiries recently wanting to know how well utilised their MQ appliance was? and how much room did they have for additional workload or QM migration? I’ve provided some questions and answers to help users understand how they can monitor how resources are being utilised on the MQ Appliance and help […] […]
    Sam Massey
  • FAQ on MQ for Failover Clustering (MSCS Clustering) 29 June 2017
    MSCS clusters are groups of two or more computers, connected together and configured in such a way that, if one fails, MSCS performs a failover, transferring the state data of applications from the failing computer to another computer in the cluster and re-initiating their operation there. IBM MQ can be setup for MSCS clustering by […] […]
  • MessageHub now runs Kafka and supports Streams 28 June 2017
    We’ve recently updated Message Hub to run Kafka This release added a number of new features along with many fixes and improvements. As always, we recommend users to migrate their clients to this new version. SASL is now simpler to use and more flexible Kafka introduces a new client configuration, sasl.jaas.config, which can […] […]
    Mickael Maison
  • Message Hub Bluemix Node.js applications no longer need prebuilt binaries 23 June 2017
    Until now, Message Hub Node.js applications using the node-rdkafka client required a prebuilt client binary to be deployed in IBM Bluemix via cf push. IBM Bluemix now includes all required dependencies so this development step can now be avoided. We have updated our code samples on github : https://github.com/ibm-messaging/message-hub-samples That’s very goo […]
    Edoardo Comar
  • MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.7 released 26 April 2017
    A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.7), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment bundled within the product since the last refresh. […]