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  • IBM MQ and Salesforce messaging 26 May 2017
    IBM and Salesforce recently  announced a partnership  to deliver various solutions based around the different companies products. As part of that initiative, MQ is now shipping a component that enables MQ applications to receive events... […]
    Mark E Taylor
  • Why does my MQ resource adapter fail to start and report an MQJCA1008 error? 24 May 2017
    Every once in a while, a customer will contact IBM Support and say: I've got the MQ resource adapter deployed into an application server, and it fails to start with the error "MQJCA1008: An incorrect version of the MQ classes for JMS was found.... […]
  • Configuring the MQ Service Provider for z/OS Connect EE 21 May 2017
    Configuring the MQ Service Provider for z/OS Connect EE Matt Leming from MQ development in an earlier blog entry provided a detailed overview of the MQ Service Provider for z/OS Connect and how it can be used to send and receive messages using REST APIs. ... […]
  • z/OS Connect: A viable alternative to a client connection? 17 May 2017
    In MQ 9.0.1 we introduced the MQ Service Provider for z/OS Connect. This is compatible with MQ for z/OS queue managers that are version 8 or later and is discussed here.   The blog referenced used a stock check workload as an example use of the z/OS... […]
  • OPMODE in MQ V9 CD for z/OS 5 May 2017
    I recently wrote about how OPMODE works in the Long Term Service (LTS) release of MQ V9 on z/OS, and the differences compared to previous versions of MQ. The operation of OPMODE is quite different again in... […]
  • IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition Announcement 4 May 2017
    On May 2nd 2017, we announced the latest Continuous Delivery release for IBM MQ for z/OS V9.0.3.  The major feature in this release is the introduction of a new "Connector Pack" for those customers who choose the MQ for z/OS Advanced Value Unit... […]
    Pete Siddall
  • Transfer files using IBM MFT with “failTransferOnFirstFailure” property 2 May 2017
      Summary: “failTransferOnFirstFailure”  is the new functionality to WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer which allows agents to be configured to fail a managed transfer, as soon as a transfer item within that managed transfer fails.... […]
    Prema Laxmanachar
  • Scripting using the MQ REST API 28 April 2017
    In a previous blog post I demonstrated how system management tasks can be scripted for the IBM MQ Appliance using the REST API that was introduced in version 9.0.1. This API provides the ability to administer aspects of the appliance system, such as networking... […]
    Jamie Squibb
  • MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.7 released 26 April 2017
    A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.7), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment bundled within the product since the last refresh. […]
  • Does your z/OS queue manager have enough active log space? And how to fix it! 26 April 2017
    I recently saw a queue manager at a customer site that was filling the active logs every 30 minutes at peak time, and only had 3 active logs defined. This means that they only had 90 minutes before their MQ workload would stop if they had a problem with... […]
  • MQ REST API Security - Authentication 25 April 2017
    IBM MQ 9.0.2 expanded the capability of the Administrative REST API capability added in IBM MQ 9.0.1, this is detailed in recent blogs by my colleagues Mark Bluemel and Harvey Elsom . For a REST API to be genuinely useful, not only should the API... […]
  • Taking a performance view to running the MQ Console on z/OS 20 April 2017
    The IBM MQ Console is a browser-based MQ administration and monitoring tool that uses WebSphere Liberty server. The MQ Console runs on an LPAR and can be used to administer all queue managers of a comparable level on the same LPAR. Users of the MQ Console may... […]
  • AMS and TLS Performance on the MQ Appliance 18 April 2017
    MQ V9 delivered a new AMS Quality of Protection called ‘Confidentiality’. A performance whitepaper was released in July 2016 detailing how AMS now performs on distributed platforms. I blogged about it here AMS Confidentiality Performance... […]
    Sam Massey
  • An Example for how to configure Role Based Management on MQ Appliance to allow access to LDAP users 18 April 2017
    An Example that shows how to configure Role Based Management (RBM) on MQ Appliance to allow access to LDAP users hosted on a Windows Active Directory. This article covers a pictorial walkthrough of configuring RBM with LDAP users accounts using WebUI to manage... […]
  • MQ JMS whitelisting in WebSphere Application Server 11 April 2017
    Last month, I published a blog post called Useful information on setting up and using a JMS whitelist, which described how the JMS whitelisting functionality provided by APAR IT14385 worked and how it could be used.... […]
  • OPMODE in MQ V9 LTS for z/OS 7 April 2017
    When migrating between MQ releases on z/OS, it’s possible to fall back to the previous version of MQ. So you may, for example, migrate from MQ V8 to V9, back to V8, then forward to V9, before deciding to stay at V9. There are some new capabilities in... […]
  • Logger enhancements for MQ v9.0.2 7 April 2017
    In MQ v9.0.2, we've enhanced linear logging to enable automatic management of log extents and automatic recording of media images, as well as improving the general performance of linear logging scenarios exploiting these capabilities. This addresses some... […]
  • Options for a programmatic REST API for MQ 6 April 2017
    Every time I talk to a customer about the new administrative REST API there is the inevitable question: “Can I use it to put and get messages?” Well, the answer is no you can’t. It is an administrative REST API not a programmatic one. I... […]
  • Configuring LDAP Role-Based Management (RBM) on the IBM MQ Appliance 3 April 2017
    In a prior blog post I introduced the Role-Based Management (RBM) capability that was added to the IBM MQ Appliance in 9.0.1 (see the related links at the end of this article). RBM is a security model for managing appliance (administrative) users and the... […]
    Jamie Squibb
  • Links to MQ's InterConnect 2017 presentations 3 April 2017
    The MQ team had a great time at InterConnect. It was really good see so many customers at our presentations and have lots of good conversations with you, either after the sessions or at the MQ messaging ped in the EXPO. Our MQ t-shirts were in particular... […]