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  • MQ Bridge 23 March 2017
    Introduction This post is an introduction to the MQ Bridge component of the IBM Message Hub service. The MQ Bridge allows you to connect IBM MQ to an instance of the Message Hub service and transfer MQ message data to a Kafka topic. If you use MQ inside your business, you can use the MQ […] […]
  • What’s new for the IBM MQ Console in 9.0.2 22 March 2017
    For MQ v9.0.1 I talked about the new look for the MQ Console which introduced a number of design and performance improvements. We have continued to enhance the MQ Console and I'm pleased to tell you about the improvements that have... […]
  • Monitoring and Exploring IBM MQ AMQERR logs on IBM Bluemix using Cloud Product Insights-Log Management 21 March 2017
    An IBM MQ AMQERR log file contains list of events that are logged by IBM MQ and its QMgrs. Each event (also known as a log record) is to notify users about an error, informational event, or warning. Most important field of a log record is the AMQnnnn code that... […]
  • IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance 9.0.2 Continuous Delivery Releases are available 17 March 2017
    As those who have been following the MQ 9.0 announcements, blogs and beta program will know, IBM MQ has introduced a Continuous Delivery(CD) release and support model. The model enables a choice between Long Term Support or a Continuous Delivery route. IBM MQ... […]
  • IBM MQ for z/OS Generate MQSC Commands plugin for IBM UCD 15 March 2017
    The IBM MQ for z/OS Generate MQSC Commands plugin for IBM Urban Code Deploy (UCD) allows users to deploy MQ queue and channel resources, represented in JSON form and held in a triplet of files in a Source Control Management (SCM) system, onto a target MQ for... […]
  • Introducing the IBM MQ image on the Bluemix Container Service 15 March 2017
    We're pleased to announced that we have now released a IBM MQ image available for use on the Bluemix container service. This image uses the IBM MQ Advanced for Developers and is free to use for development and unit test purposes only. The image uses the... […]
  • Understanding MQ Cluster work load management Algorithm and workload-specific attributes 14 March 2017
    When MQ cluster contains more than one instance of the same queue, MQ selects a queue manager to route a message. MQ uses the cluster workload management algorithm, and a few cluster workload-specific attributes, to determine the best queue manager to use.... […]
  • InterConnect 2017 - lots to see! 7 March 2017
    It's less that two weeks to InterConnect 2017 , with it starting on Sunday March 19th in Las Vegas.   As always there's a packed agenda for anyone looking to learn about MQ, whether you're looking to catch up on everything we've been... […]
  • IBM MQ Appliance Knowledge Center - every day, in every way, I am getting better... 6 March 2017
    You probably know that the IBM Knowledge Center is the location of the ‘official’ documentation for the IBM MQ Appliance. ( https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS5K6E_9.0.0/WelcomePage/homepage.html ) The Knowledge Center as a whole has... […]
  • Useful information on setting up and using a JMS whitelist 3 March 2017
    APAR IT14385 has recently added whitelist functionality to the MQ classes for JMS .  IBM Support have received a number of questions from customers about how this functionality works, as well as how to identify what to... […]
  • Calling all OMEGAMON users! 1 March 2017
    This webcast explores the functions provided for monitoring MQ and Integration Bus (Message Broker), delivered as part of IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON for Messaging. Learn how to correctly monitor queues, channels and message flows to ensure your enterprise messaging infrastructure runs optimally. Join us on March 2, 2017 at 11AM EST as Kay Maggi Lead Developer […] […]
  • Configuring access to the MQ Console and CLI on the IBM MQ Appliance 20 February 2017
    I have received a few queries asking how to configure access to the MQ Console and the command line interface (CLI) in version 9 of the IBM MQ Appliance. In response to these queries this article provides a worked example that demonstrates how to configure a... […]
  • APIs vs Messaging 13 February 2017
    Missed the APIs, Messaging, or both webcast? It’s not too late. Join Leif Davidsen and Dennis Ashby here as they discuss the strengths of each approach, and how they can be used together. […]
  • New Message Hub sample: Python Console Application 9 February 2017
    Last week, we released a new sample application: kafka-python-console-sample. It demonstrates how to use the Kafka API using the confluent-kafka Python library. It works exactly the same way as our previous console samples, Java and Node.js, and can be deployed in Bluemix or run locally on macOS and Linux. The confluent-kafka-python library is still very […] […]
  • How to migrate MFT to a new machine with different OS? 8 February 2017
    IBM Support often receive queries and requests for assistance from customers who are planning to migrate their IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) configurations between systems.  This can be for either server upgrades, using the same operating system (OS)... […]
  • APIs, Messaging, or Both: Choosing the Right Approach webcast 7 February 2017
    In an ever-changing world, it is important to adopt the correct strategy for your business. With considerations such as security, reliability, adaptability, and cost, your decisions have significant impact. Are APIs the way forward? Is Messaging dead? Or is there a place for both? Join this webcast to hear Dennis Ashby and Leif Davidsen discuss […] […]
  • MQ Light Developer tools v1.0.6 released 2 February 2017
    A refreshed MQ Light developer tools driver (version: 1.0.6), is now available for download. This is primarily a refresh to address a number of common vulnerabilities identified in the Java Runtime Environment and WebSphere Liberty bundled within the product since the last refresh. […]
  • MQ on Linux comes of age! 1 February 2017
    In something a bit different for this blog, I've decided to look back in time. That's because, while digging through some old files recently, I realised that IBM MQ on Linux is 21 years old today. SupportPac MA57, as far as I can find, made MQ the... […]
  • How To:Capture Trace Events related to SSL when using Windows Keystore under .NET Managed client 1 February 2017
      MQ v8 onwards managed .Net clients can establish a secure SSL connection to the Queue Manager. IBM MQ ships a number of samples Here that demonstrate creating SSL connections to a queue manager in .Net Managed mode. One of challenges that comes across... […]
  • Top tip when planning a migration from WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition V7.0.4 30 January 2017
    With the WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition V7.0.4 product going out of support in September 2017, IBM are starting to see a number of customers migrating to the newer MQ Managed File Transfer... […]