IBM® MQ Light Developer Tools use the MQ Light API and provides a messaging runtime that developers can install, configure, and use to write applications in just a few minutes, enabling developers to quickly create scalable and responsive applications.

The MQ Light Developer Tools are designed to reduce the amount of time spent administering messaging resources, with minimal configuration, and connection steps for your first application. The MQ Light API is designed to be simple to use, providing the basic messaging capabilities that your applications need.

In a typical example, you might have an application that accepts web requests. The MQ Light API can provide messaging that enables the web request handlers to offload work to worker processes using a queue, so they can return to handle the next request immediately.

Use the links under ‘Learn more’ below to learn more about MQ Light API concepts and capabilities.

You can also watch a video introduction to the MQ Light API and MQ Light Developer Tools.

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