Applications developed to use the IBM MQ Light API can be deployed in a number of different ways.


The MQ Light API is used by the MQ Light Developer Tools, and can be deployed, on-premise, as a component of your application. This approach is ideal for small applications that do not need to be managed by, or inter-operate with other existing messaging systems.

There is support for deploying MQ Light applications using IBM MQ. This deployment option is best suited for situations where you wish to manage your MQ Light applications alongside existing IBM MQ applications, or want to MQ Light applications to inter-operate with IBM MQ applications.

For details, refer to the blog announcing support for MQ Light clients in IBM MQ

Off-premise (Cloud)

Applications which are developed by using the IBM MQ Light API can be deployed with the MQ Light Developer Tools, or be deployed in IBM Bluemix by using the IBM Message Hub Service for Bluemix. This deployment option allows you to use the MQ Light API from within applications deployed to Bluemix, reducing the effort required to manage and scale the components comprising your application.

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