When designing an application to use the MQ Light API, it is important to consider the security measures that are needed to protect the information in your system.

The MQ Light API is designed for use by the components of a single application, or by a small team of people. Where different applications, or teams, want to make use of the MQ Light API, you can install multiple copies of the MQ Light API and configure the security of each installation to meet the security requirements of its user.

The following considerations are important when it comes to ensuring that the MQ Light API is appropriately secured:

  • The program and data files that comprise the MQ Light API should be secured such that they are only accessible to a small number of users who have a requirement to start, stop, or otherwise maintain the installation.
  • Connectivity to the MQ Light server can be restricted so that only the applications that require the functionality provided by the MQ Light API are allowed to connect to the MQ Light server.
  • If messages being sent to or from the MQ Light server/clients contain sensitive information, you can encrypt the network connections between MQ Light clients and the MQ Light server. For example, this may be required if messages are being used to transfer payment details, passwords, or any other values that you would not want to be intercepted.
  • When an application connects to an MQ Light server it can verify that it is connecting to the MQ Light server that it is expecting, and not an imposter.

Use the links under ‘Learn more’ below to look at security in a bit more depth. The Securing MQ Light tutorial also provides more information.

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