If you want to reuse data from an existing IBM® MQ Light installation, you must manually copy the data from the existing installation to the intended installation. The need to copy data between installations can occur when you want to test a fix, or if you are moving from a Developer to a Production license.

Before you begin

Important: After you move to MQ Light V1.0.1, you can no longer reuse data that you have previously copied from an earlier version.
If the intended installation is a new installation, you will need to install MQ Light in a different location to the original installation.


  1. Ensure both installations are stopped. Use the mqlight-stop command on both installations to stop MQ Light.
  2. Copy the appdata directory from the existing installation directory to the intended one. Permissions, ACLs, and modification times must be retained as they are copied. The following examples show how this can be done on Windows (run as Administrator) and on UNIX:
    • Windows: robocopy /appdata /appdata /MIR /COPYALL
    • UNIX: cp -Rpf /appdata
  3. Use mqlight-start to start the intended installation.

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