Download a server build to run MQ Light on your machine (or choose to deploy MQ Light applications in the cloud against Message Hub in IBM Cloud, or on premises against IBM MQ, or IBM MQ Appliance). Clients are available in various languages. Pick a language and a server build to get started.
Step 1: Choose your language
The basic install commands for each client are shown below. For full detail on pre-reqs or if you need help downloading, see our Documentation. Work in Progress languages are early previews, and may not have all the features of our Completed Clients.
MQ Light Clients
Ready to use with a server build of your choice.
Node.js (Linux, Mac, Win) > npm install mqlight@1.0
Ruby (Linux, Mac) > gem install mqlight
Java (Linux, Mac, Win) > Download from Maven Central
Work in Progress
Early preview clients that may not be feature complete.
Python (Linux, Mac, Win) > pip install mqlight --pre
Coming later...
What languages would you like to see?
We want to continue adding new clients, and you can let us know which ones you would like to see via our forum.
Step 2: Choose a server build
Developer Builds offer the greatest stability, and come with a no-cost Developer License.
Developer builds
Last updated: 25th August 2017
Early Access builds
None currently available - use the developer builds for latest function.
Cloud service
Provided via IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud users can deploy MQ Light applications by using the Message Hub cloud service, enabling messaging between their Bluemix apps. To get started, visit the Bluemix homepage.