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  • Get an Insight into MQ for z/OS in version 9.0.3 21 July 2017
    What is Cloud Product Insights? Cloud Product Insights is a repository of your running IBM software instances, and is one of the many services available in IBM’s Bluemix cloud. You can configure IBM products that support Cloud Product Insights to register themselves with this service, and you can view information about all of their instances […] […]
  • MQ REST API performance on z/OS 14 July 2017
    This blog takes a look at the performance of the MQ REST API specifically on the z/OS platform, which was introduced in MQ 9.0.1 and enhanced in both 9.0.2 and 9.0.3 Continuous Delivery Releases. The blog can be used as in conjunction with previous blogs listed in the “References” section. Our performance measurements were run […] […]
  • Troubleshooting MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR 10 July 2017
    Q) MQGET/MQPUT(1) is reporting MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR, however the channel, queues and queue manager’s MAXMSGL length is set to 104857600, what’s wrong ? A) MQRC_DATA_LENGTH_ERROR can be returned to an MQ MQI client program on the MQGET/ MQPUT(1) call, if the BufferLength parameter of an MQGET/MQPUT(1) call exceeds the maximum message size that was negotiate […]
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