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  • Why MQ AUTHREC shows <<invalid>> Entry ? 19 February 2018
    Problem: MQ authentication record shows invalid entry i.e. dmpmqaut -t queue -n SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LOCAL.QUEUE -m test profile: SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LOCAL.QUEUE object type: queue entity: entity type: group authority: allmqi dlt chg dsp clr Cause of the Problem: User belongs to a group 1.Where Groupname Contains a space in the group name Example: “Domain Users” has sp […]
  • Top tip when using IBM MQ and the Spring JMS Framework 9 February 2018
    IBM Support see a lot of customers using the DefaultMessageListenerContainer provided by the Spring Framework to monitor JMS destinations for messages. One of the properties of the DefaultMessageListenerContainer is receiveTimeout. This property specifies how often the threads created by the DefaultMessageListenerContainer will poll a JMS destination looking […]
  • Configuring MQ to work with Users from a trusted domain 6 February 2018
    As a first step I recommend reading the article ‘Configuring MQ to work with Windows Domain Users’ which explains how IBM MQ should be configured to allow access to domain users. Configuring MQ to work with Windows Domain Users In this article we will see how IBM MQ can be configured to allow access to […] […]
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