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  • MQ Performance in a Docker container 19 October 2017
    The MQ team has produced a number of blogs on how to get MQ running inside a Docker container, and for anyone that has tried it, you will find a simple method of rapidly deploying an MQ Queue manager across a variety of hardware platforms; but how much cost do you pay in terms of […] […]
    Sam Massey
  • Using IBM Cloud Functions for serverless processing of MQ messages 18 October 2017
    Serverless computing is a runtime programming model in which application developers write business logic without the worry of managing the server infrastructure on which their code runs, and while only paying for the compute resources used while the application is actively processing requests. These twin benefits of reduced complexity and lower costs mean th […]
  • Why have I run out of XCF groups? 12 October 2017
    I was talking to a customer today about a recent problem where they ran out of XCF groups and as a result couldn’t start up their queue managers. The fix for this was to reformat their sysplex couple datasets using a higher value for the ITEM NAME(GROUP) NUMBER( xxx ) parameter. Once they had got […] […]
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