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Here's a set of guided tutorials that provides you with the tools to master MQ.

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Developing with the IBM MQ MacOS Toolkit

Develop MQ apps on a Mac with IBM MQ MacOS Toolkit. Connect to a queue manager in IBM Cloud or in a Docker container. See messages in MQ Console or MQ Explorer.

Ready, set, connect! (Ubuntu)

Quickly install and configure IBM MQ on Ubuntu, then put and get your first messages.

Slow MQ app, lost messages and high CPU? Three easy ways to improve your MQ application

Get your MQ app running faster, reduce your CPU usage and prevent errors from damaging your important data.

IBM MQ messaging REST API

How you can use the IBM MQ messaging REST API to put and get messages.

Not sure where to start?

Try reading the MQ Essentials to get some basics, and then putting your knowledge to practice by running your first demo!

MQ Essentials

A quick and easy start guide to the fundamental concepts of IBM MQ, including an overview to message-oriented middleware.

Ready, Set, Connect!

A quick way to get going with MQ, set up a queue and run a demo app, on Linux, Windows and Mac.