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Here's a set of guided tutorials that provides you with the tools to master MQ.

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MQ cheat sheet for developers

Tricks and tips to help you debug common messaging problems

MQ Developer Essentials badge

You’ve mastered the basics? Now take the next step and show off your messaging dev skills to build an app. Complete the quiz and earn yourself a shiny badge.


Configure TLS so that your MQ queue manager and client application can communicate securely over the internet.


Deploy a Liberty MQ application in Microclimate

Not sure where to start?

Try reading the MQ Essentials to get some basics, and then putting your knowledge to practice by running your first demo!

MQ Essentials

A quick and easy start guide to the fundamental concepts of IBM MQ, including an overview to message-oriented middleware.

Ready, Set, Connect!

A quick way to get going with MQ, set up a queue and run a demo app, on Linux, Windows and Mac.