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A scalable, distributed, high throughput message bus in the cloud, available as a fully managed Cloud service.

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Built on Apache Kafka

Message Hub is based on Apache Kafka: a fast, scalable, and durable real-time messaging engine from the Apache Software Foundation. To understand the benefits of using Apache Kafka as a service, see Message Hub: Apache Kafka as a Service.

Kafka is widely used by many companies. For details and examples, see the Powered By Kafka page.

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Part of IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is designed to make developers' lives easier. Dev teams of all sizes can seamlessly collaborate on source code and shared APIs, and manage apps' performance, logs and costs from a single dashboard.

With IBM Cloud, you can use a combination of the most prominent open-source compute technologies (runtimes, containers or VMs) to power your apps. Message Hub brings Kafka messaging to the Cloud platform, as part of an extensive catalog of IBM, third-party, and community services to extend the functionality of your apps. To learn more about Kafka in IBM Cloud, read our blog: Message Hub brings Kafka messaging to Bluemix.

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We love microservices

We know that working in a microservices framework helps you to innovate quickly, so we've provided tools that we know should help. Message Hub gives you the opportunity to build in a range of languages and lets your services communicate using a REST API, or the Kafka API.

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