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MQ on Distributed

  • FROM THE ARCHIVES: Getting going without turning off IBM MQ Security 1 October 2018
    We have a wealth of useful blogs in our archive on MQDev. This one disappeared mysteriously, so we decided to re-publish it here! Enjoy. Written by Morag Hughson. Getting going without turning off IBM MQ Security You have noticed that the IBM MQ product takes a stance to have security features turned on by default. […] […]
  • What happens if an MFT agent becomes disconnected from its agent queue manager? 28 September 2018
    In an IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) topology, every agent has an agent queue manager that it connects to. This queue manager hosts the various system queues that the agent needs in order to perform managed transfers. Agents connect to the queue manager using either the BINDINGS or CLIENT transport when they start up. […] […]

MQ Appliance

MQ on z/OS

  • zEDC compression on MQ archive logs 5 September 2018
    Recently we have received a number of questions relating to the performance of zEDC compression when used with archive logs on MQ for z/OS. Previously we have reported that there was a significant cost impact to the queue manager address space with the enablement of the feature, and this was notable as the cost was […] […]
  • The impact of TLS ciphers on an MQ for z/OS channel 4 September 2018
    Rightly so, there is a focus on ensuring data flowing over MQ is protected, and there are a number of options for protecting your data such as: TLS cipher specification on the MQ channels AMS policy protection at the time of the MQPUT, whether: Integrity (message signing) Privacy (message signing and encryption) Confidentiality (encryption) Combination […] […]

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