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We’ve got samples in a number of different places. Check out the links below to find out more.

Sample code

You can find a wide variety of sample code for IBM MQ in the IBM Messaging GitHub. From sample code pieces for the IBM MQ Appliance, to support for IBM MQ running in Docker containers, all the way to samples showing you how to write Go applications with MQ, you can find the widest variety of messaging-related sample code here.

Explore GitHub

Or check out a couple of our recommended examples!

IBM MQ Appliance IBM MQ Docker

Sample docs

Alternatively, many of our sample applications are available when downloading and installing IBM MQ onto your system, in the samples installation package.
You will find what you’re looking for by installing the samples and looking through our Knowledge Center documentation.

Download MQ View Docs

Or check out a few examples!

Linux examples Putting a message .NET samples